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Among the most vivid images in "The Sixth Sense" are the sparks in the stable.

This image is echoed by the iodine at the end of "The Evil Eye", another tale in the collection. Unfortunately, there are only six in this mystery series. Listen to the show to find out what these scientists were doing with radium and why all of them disappeared. There is a wide range of subject matter, and the range is from gritty to humorous, but the entertainment value is always top notch.

It affects most of the characters in the novel. The murder mystery shows little creativity. The crime itself is decently staged, showing some dramatic interest. But its puzzle features are barely present. The choice of killer seems arbitrary and unclued. There are actually two Big Secrets about the past. As the days get shorter and an autumn chill finally rolls in, nothing quite hits the spot like some ghostly, gothic fiction.

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October is a time for witches, spooks, and all things macabre. If you're like me, you line up a full 31 days worth of horror films, stock the bedside table with spooky novels, and wish you had a dramatic robe to wear as you stalk the somber halls of a cobwebby mansion ringing with tortured echoes.. Not only are they chasing criminals, but they are having to deal with a new police force which does not always appreciate their old style policing. Written by Brian Hallam Back on the case again.

Series 8, episode 7 was viewed by 9. Rated 4. Been stomped on much by Sydney Anglicans? It's really quite disturbing to think what theology is coming out of Moore College these days.

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Extremely selective reading and interpretation of texts. All to accommodate what the world wants us to believe as to the time and mechanism by which life arose. Some gentle massaging of the world view to fit with Scripture results in a mangling of Scripture and what God has said to us. Just what is more important to Christians today - being right with the world or right with God.

Thanks again, John, for pointing out the stark reality. To make things easier I am responding on this more recent blog to discussion which commenced with Mike Paget on an earlier blog. I have taken my time to reply to your response to my question, Mike, because I am not expecting to hear further from you for a little while given your declared activities this weekend and then later things.

In case things change and you get an opportunity to respond I put forward the following for your consideration and comment.

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  4. I note your belief in an old age for the earth is shaped by contemporary science but I earlier noted that Scripture has shaped your life, even to the extent of giving you new life. This brings me back to my first question to you and it centres around what we both regard as an instructive passage in the origins debate - Exodus This passage contains a direct statement of God to Moses, a statement which was intended to shape the life of Israel.

    Some other Christians in Sydney, Sam Drucker and myself are agreed that language must have meaning because language is an information system. The arrangement of words by a sender must avoid ambiguity to facilitate an appropriate response. Meaning will exclude propositions while, at the same time, make proposition s.

    God is the source of meaning and the author of language. He above all message senders will be expected to get meaning right for the recipient of His word. I am not sure what views of origins Israel confronted prior to assembly at Sinai. Whether there were similarities with what we confront today is not clear but we share with Israel in that we all have our origin in the same creative act of God. Therefore the message of God concerning His creative activity will have the same meaning for us as for them. God ordained the order of weekly living for Israel with a Sabbath and He founds this upon His creative activity: "For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day.

    Gap Theory - An earlier but subsequently destroyed creation for which fossils found today are a remnant is excluded because all that was ever made by God has its origin in Creation Week. Day-Age Theory - The six days of work followed by a Sabbath for Israel have no meaning or validity if the 'days' of Creation Week were not similar in duration to the days experienced by Israel.

    Progressive Creation Theory - As with the Theistic Evolution Theory this is negated by the creation of all things in the heavens, the earth and the sea in the six days of Creation Week. Mike, it reads to me that you set the minds of men on a higher plane than the Word of God. Worse still, you acknowledge that the status of the minds of men on origins is only something tantamount to 'a work in progress'. I am concerned about you giving offence to God.

    I am concerned about the glory of God being diminished but I am also concerned about your welfare and the impact your 'world view' will have on young Christians and inquirers after the Lord. When you get back from your January commitments will you consider the meaning of God's words recorded in Exodus as pertaining to current 'old earth' views and then let me know how you see the situation.

    A Killing Resurrected (Chief Inspector Neil Paget, book 8) by Frank Smith

    Neil Moore. Post a Comment.

    L'Abbat, maître d'armes

    Search This Blog. Of course, Mike and his Moore mates would prefer to convince us that, just as they see it today, the issue of age was not an issue way back then. What can I say, old chap? You see Mike has just committed the classic fallacy of argument ad hominem in which irrelevant circumstances are thrown in the ring and then the actual argument is dismissed as though these circumstances have somehow weakened or even overturned the argument.

    The challenge from the heretics was that our position is somehow the new kid on the block in some quarters of his tribe our crime of speaking out loudly is perceived as that of an enfant terrible! The question was not whether a man gets all his theology perfect, but whether the text at Genesis 1 can be read as Moore College heretics teach.

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    To repeat our argument: the Moore College view of Genesis 1, that it is not an historical report, is a modern perversion. Mike, like his heretic mates, misrepresents young earth creationists and constructs a straw man. He implicitly argues that because we hold that Genesis 1 should be read straightforwardly, then, in order to be consistent, it follows that all passages of the Bible should be read that way. This is the enthymematic message behind his frequent mention of geocentricity, domes of water encircling the earth and flat earthism.