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Chances are pretty good that you have created one or more of those items before. You might have even stored those items in a drawing template DWT file so they would be available each time a new drawing was created. While you might not have thought about these as forms of customization, they are indeed a few of the basic drawing customization features that can be used to enhance the out-of-the-box AutoCAD experience.

Application customization is not dependent on which drawing is currently open, but on which user profile or workspace is current. AutoCAD Platform Customization: User Interface and Beyond provides you with an understanding of all the customization features to improve your productivity.

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  5. This book is designed to introduce you not only to concepts related to defi ning CAD standards and customizing AutoCAD, but also to key customization concepts through procedural-based exercises. AutoLISP and VBA are two popular and versatile tools that allow for going beyond the boundaries of normal user interface customization options, allowing users to: Enforce drawing and CAD standards, and automate repetitive tasks Customize the workspace, including tool sets, ribbon tabs and panels, and palettes Modify graphical objects, set system variables, integrate with external software, and more Manage blocks, change the interface, create dialog boxes, and communicate with Microsoft Office applications The ideal design environment puts the tools you need right at your fingertips, removes unnecessary steps, and fosters precision through good communication.

    AutoCAD Custom User Interface - Custom Ribbons, Creating Commands, and Toolbars

    For the designer who needs to work smarter because it's impossible to work any harder, AutoCAD Platform Customization provides the key information, insight, and techniques that will help to increase your productivity with AutoCAD. He has worked on end—user and API documentation for eight releases, presented customization and programming sessions at Autodesk University for a decade, and has authored and coauthored several AutoCAD related books.

    Senior drafters and savvy users are increasingly taking AutoCAD customization out of the hands of system administrators, and taking control of their own workflow.

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    Until recently, most users never thought to customize the AutoCAD platform to meet their specific needs, instead leaving it to administrators. Establish and manage CAD standards for the drawings you create Control the startup process and settings that define the drawing environment Modify the user interface to display the commands you use most frequently and create new commands Create macros to speed up frequently repeated tasks Define custom shapes, linetypes, and hatch patters to control the linework in a drawing Use real-world tips and tutorials to reinforce the author's topical discussions A perfect resource for CAD administrators, students, senior drafters, and other CAD enthusiasts, AutoCAD Platform Customization: User Interface and Beyond features in-depth discussions of customization options as well as detailed examples and tutorials.

    As an eight- year customization and programming session leader with Autodesk University, Lee Ambrosius is uniquely qualified to help users get the most out of software based on the AutoCAD platform.