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Included are chapters on cytokines, hemo- poietic growth factors, other growth factors, hormones, Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology, blood products and enzymes, antibodies and vaccines, 2nd Edition and finally advances in gene therapy. For example, in the hormone chapter, the author discusses insulin, glucagon, human growth hor- The second edition of this highly informative text, which mone, and the gonadotropins.

The history, chemical struc- provides an overview of the biopharmaceutical industry, ture, biochemistry, metabolic effects, mechanism of ac- was just recently published in September Author tion, related diseases, up-to-date therapeutic uses, and Gary Walsh, senior lecturer of industrial biochemistry at approved drug preparations for each hormone are dis- the University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, combines his cussed. The treatment of each therapeutic agent is very interests in enzyme biotechnology and pharmaceutical thorough.

Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2nd Edition

Figures that illustrate various biochemical processes The first edition of the text received favorable reviews. A are presented in a simplified sometimes a bit oversimpli- review published in FEBS Letters described the text as fied manner. A considerable list of internet resources is balanced source of information about the biotechnology provided in an appendix. One of the drawbacks of the text industry. The appearance of the text cals, the book will undoubtedly provide a solid grounding would be improved if professionally drawn diagrams were of not just the technology, but of the industry as a included instead.

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Although only 5 years have elapsed since interest to students studying biotechnology, pharmaceuti- the first edition was published, the new text has been cal science, biochemistry, microbiology, or medicine. In the first chapter, the author sets the stage by describ- In addition, as the publisher suggests, the textbook would ing the history of the pharmaceutical industry and defining be a valuable resource for anyone interested in, or already his terms.

Biopharmaceuticals : Gary Walsh :

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Industry Reviews " Chapter 1. Pharmaceuticals, biologies and biopharmaceuticals.

Chapter 2. The drug development process. Chapter 3. The drug manufacturing process. Chapter 4. The cytokines-the interferon family. Chapter 5.

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Biopharmaceuticals : Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Cytokines: interleukins and tumour necrosis factor. Chapter 6.

Biopharmaceuticals Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Haemopoietic growth factors. Chapter 7. Growth factors. Chapter 8. Hormones of therapeutic interest.

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Chapter 9. Blood products and therapeutic enzymes. Chapter Antibodies, vaccines and adjuvants. Nucleic acid therapeutics. Appendix 1. Appendix 2.