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Dielectric materials in the presence of static electric fields 1.


Introduction 2. Equivalent circuits 2.

Summer School and Workshop in Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis 12222

Time-domain measurements 2. Cells 2. Crossover region 3. Low-frequency processes 3. Measuring under realistic conditions 2. Instrumental aspects 3. Temperature calibration 3. Constancy of the scan rate 3. Linking experiment with practice and processing 3. Quantitative measurements 3. Historical development and brief description of pulse-heating 2. General information about pulse-heating 3.

Experiment - Basic electrical quantities 3. Experiment — Derived thermophysical properties 3. Mechanical properties with a Kolsky bar apparatus 5. Nanotechnology and nanostructures 1. Total energetic and structural heterogeneity of surfaces 1.

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Carbon nanotubes 2. Montmorillonites 2. Zeolites 2. Q-TG thermogravimetry 3. Surface adsorption 3. Porosimetry 3. Calculation of fractal dimensions from sorptometry and porosimetry data 3. Carbon nanotubes 4. Montmorillonites 4. Aluminas 4. Some limitations of the technique for characterizing catalytic sites 2. Probe molecules most commonly used to characterize catalytic surfaces 2. Zeolites and related materials 3.

Metals and supported metals 4. Alloys 4. Arsenates 4. Borates 4. Carbonates 4. Chromates 4.


Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (v.127, #3)

Iodides 4. Nitrates and Nitrites 4. Oxalates 4. Oxides 4. Perchlorates 4. Phosphates 4.

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Stannates 4. Introduction 5. Bismuth 5. Cadmium 5. Cobalt 5. Copper 5. Iron 5. Lanthanides 5. Lead 5. Lithium 5.

1st Edition

Magnesium 5. Manganese 5. Nickel 5. Palladium 5. Silver 5. Sodium 5. Strontium 5. Crystallization 4. Melt and glass crystallization of polymers 4. Second-order transitions 4.

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Reversible decompositions 5. Thermal and thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers 5. Is it really needed? Isoconversional kinetic predictions 6. Roux and M. The objectives of thermochemistry 1. Combustion calorimetry 2. Reaction calorimetry 2. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book The book is about calorimetry and thermal analysis methods, alone or linked to other techniques, as applied to the characterization of catalysts, supports and adsorbents, and to the study of catalytic reactions in various domains: air and wastewater treatment, clean and renewable energies, refining of hydrocarbons, green chemistry, hydrogen production and storage.

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