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Hill and E. Alloway, J. Elliott and J. Thapar, R. Harrington, K. Ross and P. In terms of Australia and New Zealand, very broadly speaking, the history of ADHD has been somewhat of a combination of the Canadian and British experiences: early exposure to the disorder, as in Canada, but considerable interest in alternative, particularly ecological, explanations, as in the UK.

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    Mintz and S. Alamo, F. Hinshaw, R. Scheffler, B. Fulton, H. Banaschewski, W. Cheng, P. Mattos, A. Holte, F. Levy, A. Sadeh, J. Sergeant, E. Taylor and M. There are, of course, exceptions to this. Issue Section:. Download all figures. View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert.

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