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But what to do with all the work I put into turning the races of Jorune into starfaring alien species. Well, the known galaxy of Dragonstar is a big place and soon tons of material from Twilight Galaxy crossed over into AotS including the Jorune races. Some say he created his mutated races before the creation of the twin dragon kingdoms of the Qesemet and the Asamet. Note that not all the Jorune races are major power groups in my Dragonstar campaign but some of them are fairly powerful in certain regions i.

Crugar Octagonal. The main exception is the race known as the cleash and to a lesser extent the scarmis , which are a race that once existed in great numbers before the dragons ever traveled the stars. The cleash were banished from this Aegis Region by the shanthas with the help of the fraal and are only now returning to the Aegis Region. The shanthas are a race in decline and very few pockets of their people still exist in the Aegis Region.

Only the power of the Dragon Empire, the fraal, and several militant groups in the Outlands have kept the cleash attacks in check.

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Comments Leave a comment. So why am I doing this now? In my mind, there is no limit to where this can go. Robert Blezard February 26, re-posted here Oct. Here is what has influenced AotS in the past and will continue to do so. Share this: Twitter Facebook. In many respects they are the character or at least the germ of that character. Even the Man With No Name, a mysterious drifter who saves whole towns from evil, has a nugget of character that statistics and skills cannot quite capture.

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He is not just another renegade who can fight - as soon as he walks into play, everyone knows he has a unique, if shrouded, background. This is the core of character concepts, the reason for their success, for they are the starting point of an adventure. Even before the characters meet, each can have a core vision and attitude from the very beginning of play. Intrepid adventurers explore the Outlands in starships powered by fusion fire and arcane rituals. Dwarven prospectors work verins of pure adamantine in remote asteroid belts, and elven loremasters conduct secret experiments in living space stations.

Grizzled mercenaries augment their bodies with bioengineered spellware, and orc raiders armed with pulse lasers massacre innocents on isolated colony worlds.

Dragonstar is a unique space-fantasy campaign setting for the d20 System from Fantasy Flight Games. The Starfarer's Handbook provides everything you need to run adventures and campaigns in this exotic setting. This book allows you to incorporate your own fantasy world into the Dragonstar universe or introduce high technology and space opera elements into your ongoing campaign. The Starfarer's Handbook includes new character classes, races, skills, feats, spells, high-tech equipment, firearms, robots, and vehicles.


The book also presents new d20 System rules for firearms and vehicle combat. Product Description: The Guide to the Galaxy provides all the expanded rules and setting information you need to run a dramatic and exciting Dragonstar campaign. Extenstive background information on the Dragon Empire, including profiles of the royal houses, the ISPD, the Unification Church, the Imperial Legions, paladin and blackguard orders, and dozens of other organizations and prominent personalities.

Detailed descriptions of the Primogen system and Outland Station, two ready-to-use adventure locations you can incorporate into your Dragonstar campaign.

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A complete introductory adventure easily scalable to many different character levels. Complete rules for gravity, vacuum, radiation, world-building, new monsters, magic items and spellware, and much more. Condition: UsedAcceptable. Published by Fantasy flight games About this Item: Fantasy flight games, Einband mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren.

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Innen sehr sauber und sehr gut erhalten. Insgesamt ein gut bis sehr gut erhaltenes Exemplar. Product Description: This invaluable sourcebook provides DMs and players everything they need to create and run planar adventures and campaigns. Features: Complete rules and guidelines for creating characters skilled at plane travel and world-hopping, as well as new prestige classes, feats, spells, and magic items. Comprehensive descriptions of several different portal types, including their traits, characteristics, and game statistics.

Rules and guidelines for designing an endless variety of new worlds and planes. Guidelines for altering existing creatures to create planar variants, and complete descriptions of many new extraplanar monsters and allies. The condition of the item you will receive is NM - name inside. Product Description: The Dungeoncraft sourcebook contains complete rules for designing new and interesting dungeons, caves, and crypts.

From determining dungeon layouts and denizens, to exciting dungeon templates that can recreate everything from the tunnels beneath a volacano to the cracks beneath a glacier, Dungeoncraft provides players and DMs alike with everything they need to enjoy fantastic adventures in the dungeon and beyond. Dungeoncraft includes: New dungeon design templates.

New prestige classes. New equipment and spell lists.

New feats to help characters survive deadly underground environments and much more. Published by Wizard's Attic,US Seller Inventory mon Seller Inventory M Published by Wizard's Attic US