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Khvan, M. Leyton, M. Melandri, E. Piersa, H. Scholz, E. Slok, J. Sodnomgombo, D. Urmantsev, Yu. Van Fraassen, B. Yaglom [IAglom], I. Arai, A. Bandou, M.

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Bunch, B. Elliott, J. Feynman, R. Leighton and M. Sands; New introduction by R. Gribbin, J. Holden, A. Holod, P. Icke, V. Kompaneets, A. Mozrzymas, J. Pagels, H. Raichev, P. Rychlewski, J. Salam, A. Todorov, I. Verheyen, H.


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Group Theory in Physics: Volume 1

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CRC Press Online - Series: Institute of Physics Conference Series

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Mathematical physics

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Most of these books also present artistic examples ornamental art, Escher's drawings, etc. Entwistle, N. Gilchrist, T. Halevi, E. Lehr, R. Orchin, M. Basics of Cosmic Structures FP. Quantum Mechanics, Vol. Particle Physics and Cosmology FP. Renormalization FP. Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics FP. Statistical Data Analysis FM. Fisica para las Ciencias de la Vida FG. TASI Matrix Groups FM. Radiative Transfer FG. Lectures on Differential Geometry FM. Applied Complex Variable FM. Field Theory in Particle Physics Vol. Lectures on Quantum Mechanics FP. Dynamics of the Standard Model FP. Broken Symmetry: Selected Papers of Y. Nambu FP. Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics? Wavelets in Physics FM.

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Geometry, Particles, and Fields FP. The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. Photon-Hadron Interactions FP. Quantum Electrodynamics FP. Quantum Chromodynamics and the Pomeron FP. Gauge Field Theories FP. Advanced Quantum Mechanics FP. The Eightfold Way FP. Collision Theory FP. Classical Mechanics FG. The Latex Companion MA. Unified String Theories FP.

Superstring Theory, Vol. Introduction to Elementary Particles FP. Principles of Algebraic Geometry FM. Introduction to Probability FM. Astroparticle Physics FP. Analytical Mechanics FP. Introducing Einstein's Relativity FP. Statistical Field Theory, Vol. Classical Electrodynamics FG. Supersymmetry and Supergravity FP. Quantum Statistical Mechanics FP. Monte Carlo Methods, Vol. Perspectives on Higgs Physics FP.

Knots and Physics FP. Conformal Field Theory FP. Radiation Detection and Measurement FP. Functional Analysis FM. Spin in Particle Physics FP. Quantum Physics FP. Thermal Field Theory FP. Accelerator Physics FP. Neutrino Cosmology FP. Curso de Variable Compleja FM.

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High Energy Astrophysics, Vol. Lepton Dipole Moments FP. Basic Complex Analysis FM. Lectures on Flavor Physics FP.