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Phenomenology Explained. David Detmer. The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics. Berys Gaut. Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy.

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I am drawn into a description of an experience I can neither hold as my own, nor need wish to be personally free from. The block to the possible world is not just economic, but structured by domination enacted within language. When we say labor. When we say liquidity.

Lyric Poetry: The Pain and the Pleasure of Words

As the last color to be named has grace on the floor of a cell. As all the names for women suffer a grace that is not like the sound of glass—where emotion is economy and conduits seduce, and the market makes all shadows bleed charisma. Softening liquidity is contrasted to the hardened sound of glass; this poetry is not interested in only smashing the ceiling but eclipsing the city. There is a sinister neutrality in the transparency of being as performance, and how it enacts repression.

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Where emotion meets economy, the former is forced to bleed itself away from the glass of 13 Jackqueline Frost, The Antidote Oakland: Compline Press, , p. In no place is the essence of identity between subject and object concretised into stability more than the law, its settlement of property. Appendices 1. Regroup, lovers in a sheet of disgusting hair, haul yourselves to the top of the tower where you will find the princess already dissolved by the reckoning pool, Chanel No.

She is Muslim. You join the EDL, you get better at fighting. You go on lots of marches. You live for five more years.

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  8. Meet and conclude, Venus is a bad leader, she is too modest where it really matters, 15 Ibid. Venus is greedy, not a team player, we found her, after dark, glutted on the supplies, furiously suckling a bottle from Everyone just loved them, each, of course, experiencing the original, or the idea of the origin, fantasy permits whatever. A confession, if you will, is that every time a man dies with joy, she is scrubbed away, grey breast reduced. This is the grammar of sex if you are Rousseau, I am not Rousseau, I am plagued by secrecy of my own. You think maybe this is an experiment and you are being tested or retroactively insulted or you have done some- thing that communicates this is an okay conversation to be having. Why do you feel comfortable saying this to me? The Algonquin Legends of New England. The First New England Christmas.

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