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The English program was initiated in the fall of with 3 young American teachers and 80 Russian students. The primary goal was to generate income to cover the cost of operating the newly built American Home.

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From that modest beginning, Serendipity's language school has developed into a highly respected program that emphasizes effective communication through the "international language" of English. The combination of formal classes and informal interaction between the students and the combined American and Russian staff benefits everyone directly involved -- as well as the community at large. We now employ nine full-time American teachers, two experienced Russian Teacher Supervisors, both of whom also teach the first semester of the lowest level course, an experienced Russian teacher who is responsible for our new program for 8 to 11 year old children see below and two Russian language tutors.

They also teach individual students and small groups studying Russian with us full time or as a part of a short term program. See the separate information on our Intensive Russian program and our Alternative Spring Break program and educational tours. For those 12 and older we offer eleven semesters of regular classes from beginning to advanced.

During the fall and spring terms these classes meet twice a week for an hour and a half each meeting. Conversation classes are also offered which meet once a week. During the intensive summer session classes meet three times a week for two hours and fifteen minutes each class period. Supplementing the formal classes, the American teachers present a series of lectures on various aspects of American history and culture during the course of the fall and spring terms.

All of these lectures are then offered to the general public over two Saturdays in April. These lectures are very well received. Additional special Saturday activities include the showing of American movies, and activities such as spelling bees and "Brain Fest" competitions with "trivial pursuit" types of questions , and, depending on the interests of the teachers and students, the playing of games e. When there has been sufficient interest, the School has sponsored a Music Club and has informally staged several plays.

Some students have completed the entire program. In January we moved all of our offices and classrooms to leased space in a new building.

Everything is now under one roof. Our new address is 5 Fedoseeva St.

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The Vladimir City Administration now has full responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the original American Home. Fortuitously, their takeover of the AH freed up the resources we needed in order to be able to make the move to the new facility. Additionally, click here to download a PowerPoint tour of our new facility. Demand for English lessons from native speakers remains very strong. In addition to classes, as noted above, our teachers offer lectures on topics of special interest to Russians.

This is an exceptional opportunity to experience Russia in a uniquely supportive atmosphere and to accomplish something worthwhile in the process. Previous teachers have commented very favorably on the quality of our facilities and teaching materials; the tremendous support provided by their colleagues, including our dedicated Russian staff; and how much they have enjoyed their Russian students.

A significant number of our teachers have parlayed their experience in Vladimir into employment in Moscow or stateside—or into admission to major graduate programs, including top ranked law schools. See the comments below.


Renewal possible. Benefits include:. Teacher Responsibilities:. Serendipity will provide full visa support, including, if needed, assistance with filling out the online visa application, and will pay the visa fee on the Russian side. Teachers are responsible for paying the visa fee and related costs on the American side. Check with us if you need to add medical evacuation coverage. American Home staff will provide all possible assistance with dealing with any medical problems that might arise. New hires who have not completed at least a forty hour on-line course such as the one offered by i-to-i , will need to complete an appropriate course by no later than the beginning of July.

If you do not plan on taking the i-to-i course mentioned above, you should check with the AH English program staff regarding the acceptability of the course you do plan on taking. You will need to give these documents to the designated AH staff member on your arrival in Vladimir. You will need to obtain this document from the designated office in the state where you get your documents notarized.

In most states, this will be the office of the Secretary of State. A Google search will provide you with the necessary contact information for the office that issues Apostilles for your state. Be sure to apply for the required Apostilles in plenty of time before your scheduled departure for Vladimir. Application Information. The Microsoft Word file from the link below provides a list of the information and documents you need to submit in order to complete your application, and it includes instructions for the submission of your letters of recommendation.

Download the application instructions and apply now! Download Application Instructions. To assist you with your application, you should send a request for additional information — including a request for a copy of the current version of the contract, contract supplement, and AH Teacher Handbook to serendipity.

If you have any questions about joining the American Home team, please contact Dr. No—I want to keep shopping. Order by , and we can deliver your NextDay items by. In your cart, save the other item s for later in order to get NextDay delivery. We moved your item s to Saved for Later.

There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Product Highlights The volume consists of five sections dealing with basic Russian grammar structures that correspond to be, can, have, there is and other basic Present Simple patterns in English.

The book is aimed at the development of the learner's fluency. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information.

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Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. In addition to the wikititles and news-commentary above, we provide: An English-Kazakh crawled corpus of about k sentences, prepared by Bagdat Myrzakhmetov of Nazarbayev University. The corpus is distributed as a tsv file with the original URLs included, as well as an alignment score.

A an additional English-Kazakh crawled corpus of about k sentences, also prepared by Bagdat Myrzakhmetov. NB: this was not part of the task training data We created a -wmt19 version of the news-commentary corpus, which has the dev set removed. You may also use any of the data previously released for the English-Turkish task.

Monolingual training data:. For Chinese output, you should submit unsegmented text, since our primary measure is human evaluation. For automatic scoring in the matrix we use BLEU4 computed on characters, scoring with v1. A script to convert a Chinese SGM file to characters can be found here. Important: srclang is always any. Each document tag also has to include the system name, e.

The script wrap-xml. Format: wrap-xml. You can use the matrix to list all your systems, and edit the metadata. This is important since after the test week ends, you need to decide which are your primary systems that get included in the human evaluation, and the overview paper and to ensure that you are happy with the system naming. You should see a list of all your systems, along with their metadata, and an edit button. Some instructions are included on this screen. New: Re-extracted to include document boundaries. Same as last year. Updated , and now with document boundaries.

NB For the kk-en task, we include part of this data in the dev set, and have created -wmt19 versions of the corpora, which have the dev set removed. Register and download CzEng 1. Rapid corpus of EU press releases. Document-split Rapid corpus. New A recrawled version of the Rapid corpus, with document boundaries intact.

Also prepared by Tilde. Updated Large corpora of crawled news, collected since Versions up to are as before, except they are re-filtered and re-shuffled. For de and en, document-split versions are available. Updated Corpora crawled from comment sections of online newspapers.

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Available in English and French. Monolingual version of European parliament crawl.