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Lewsen ed. Solomon ed. Pretorius ed. Bickers and R. Tiedemann eds. For the debate on this question, see J. MacKenzie ed. Thompson , The Empire Strikes Back Its classic expression is in R. For some discussion of the debate, see J.

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Hopkins , British Imperialism 2nd edn, Lugard to his brother, 29 August , in M. Perham , Lugard: The Years of Adventure — , p. Wilson ed. Salisbury's remark, Robinson and Gallagher, Africa and the Victorians , p. Rhodes House Library, Mss Afr. Flint, Goldie , p. Salisbury's essay was reprinted in P. Smith , Lord Salisbury on Politics Cambridge, Foster , Lord Randolph Churchill Oxford, , p.

Churchill , Lord Randolph Churchill new edn, , pp. Marsh , The Discipline of Popular Government , p. For a classic expression, see F.

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Gollin , Proconsul in Politics , p. Freeman , A Hundred Years of Geography , pp. Bell , R. Butlin and M. Heffernan eds. For this estimate, see A. See the studies in M. Harper ed. Seeley , The Expansion of England ; J. Dilke , Greater Britain Strathcona was Canada's most prestigious businessman. For an evocative account, see R. For the peerage who did better , see A. For the gentry, see D. Crook , The Rise of the Nouveaux Riches , p. Searle , Corruption in British Politics — Oxford, Pugh , The Tories and the People Oxford, , pp.

Quoted in E. Fraser ed. Chisholm , Handbook of Commercial Geography 7th edn, , p. Hutchinson ed. West, 26 January Quoted in W. Erickson , Leaving England Ithaca, , ch. The classic account is J. This transition is explained in E. Rhodes House Library, Mss Afr s. Schwertfeger ed. I, — Berlin, , p. See N. The percentage was lower in Scotland and Ireland. Schwertfeger, Europaischen Politik , p.

Speech at the Royal Colonial Institute, 31 March See Robinson and Gallagher, Africa and the Victorians , p. I have adapted this term from W. For a vigorous exposition of this, see D. See generally, D. Knight , Risk, Uncertainty and Profit Boston, , p. Figures from W. Woodruff , The Impact of Western Man , p. Mathews , C. Feinstein and J. The figure for was Michie , The City of London , p. For an account stressing the diverse interests in the City, see M.

Michie ed. A classic example was the firm of Brown, Shipley and Co.

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For Rothschilds, see N. For a recent study, see R. Hobson, The Evolution of Modern Capitalism [] rev. For Hobson's views, see P. Harvey and J. Cassis, Capitalism in a Mature Economy For a graphic description of the speculative and disinformational tendencies to be found in the City, see I. For the outlook of bankers, see Y. Searle , Corruption in British Politics — Oxford, , p. For India's place in Britain's multilateral payments system, S. Tomlinson , The Political Economy of the Raj — , ch. See the account in J. For a superb study, see J.

Kingsley, Travels in West Africa [] 4th edn, , Appendix 1. A recent account of this transaction is in A. A classic study is M. Hargreaves, Prelude to the Partition of West Africa , pp. Goldie's eccentric personality is sketched in D. RHL Mss Afr. Goldie to John Holt, 9 January , Bodl. The best account is now J. Groves, The Planting of Christianity in Africa , 4 vols. For Livingstone's impact in Britain, see chapter 1 above.

Portal to F. Rhodes, 23 May Davenport and G. Jones eds. For French calculation along these lines, see M. Bland, 17 January For a contemporary lament along these lines, see J. For the general setting, see L. Bethell ed. See F. For this argument, see D. Abel and C. Lewis eds. For this figure, see I. Platt ed. Mss Bryce This was Bryce's draft of his subsequent book on his Latin American travels.

For Pearson, see D. Jeremy ed. Carlos F. Washington DC, , vol. Ferns, Britain and Argentina , pp. Strange, States and Markets , ch. Graham, Brazil , pp. Calvert, Mexican Revolution , p. Barnes and D. Nicholson eds. I, — , p. Amery to Milner, 20 June Ranger, Revolt in Southern Rhodesia —97 , chs. Rawlyk ed. New York, , pp. That it sold 80, copies in its first three years may be an indication of this. There were several variants to describe Canada's links with Britain: this was the commonest. Speech in Canadian Parliament, 8 February , in P.

Waite ed. Hansen and J. The classic study of Macdonald remains D. Creighton , John A. Macdonald: The Old Chieftain Toronto, In a speech at Montreal in See Creighton, John A. Macdonald: The Old Chieftain , p. Evans , Sir Oliver Mowat Toronto, , pp. The strength of Orangeism is referred to frequently in Laurier's political correspondence. For Willison, see A. Willison Toronto, Hall , Clifford Sifton Toronto, , vol. In , 91 per cent of its population was of British origin; in , 28 per cent were British born.

Careless , Toronto to Toronto, , pp. See Sir R. Falconer president —32 to Sir J. Flavelle, 23 October , Colquhoun, Willison , p. Careless, Toronto , p. Walker, Box 6. Cameron, 14 October Cameron was editor of the London Advertiser in Western Ontario. La Presse , 14 October , cited in D. For the Quebec nationaliste alarm, see R. Brown and R. Cook , Canada — Toronto, , pp. Cook , The Politics of John W. Dafoe and the Free Press Toronto, , p. Monk, vol. I, Bourassa to F. Monk, 28 February Crothers to C. Sifton, 25 September On which Carl Berger's classic study concentrates.

Shann was a free trader of conservative outlook. Coghlan , Labour and Industry in Australia Oxford, , vol. Just 3 per cent of inter-continental migrants in — were attracted to Australia and New Zealand. Dyster and D. Loveday and A.

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Martin , Parliament, Faction and Party — Melbourne, , pp. Buckley and T. Wheelwright , No Paradise for Workers Melbourne, , p. Fitzgerald, Queensland , p. Buckley and Wheelwright, No Paradise , p. Crowley ed. Grimshaw et al. McKenna, Republic , p. For Australian sub-imperialism, see R. Meany ed. Clark ed. Both were to be federal prime ministers. Acording to C. Clark in A History of Australia, vol.

V, — Melbourne, , p. In fact, by contemporary British standards, Deakin was a radical who found Charles Dilke the most sympathetic of British politicians. The Sydney Bulletin was established in as a weekly, and achieved a circulation of 80, by Apart from its racial-radical-republican politics, it made a point of publishing the work of local writers. Its editor from to was the republican J. Berger and A. Smith eds. See, for example, the opinions of J. Archibald and Rolf Boldrewood in I. Turner ed. For the panic over a declining birth-rate, which led to the appointment of a Royal Commission, see C.

From Deakin see J. La Nauze , Alfred Deakin Melbourne, , vol. Bigge, 28 December Bodleian Library, Mss L. Harcourt Sir Arthur replied that Fisher could attend the coronation in ordinary dress but would have to wear court dress at any court function. New Zealand's population in was 33,; in , ,; in , ,; in , ,; in , ,; in , 1,, This was the most widely read and influential history of New Zealand until the s. See E.

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For a modern use of the term, see J. What the Maori chiefs thought they had agreed to has become the central controversy in the history of colonial New Zealand. For the growth and later decline of a Maori trading and agricultural economy near Auckland, see P. Sinclair, Origins , pp. Cardwell to Governor Sir G. Grey, 26 September , in F. Madden ed. A large wooden panel showing the dense network of coastal routes established by the USC can be seen in the Museum of Transport in Dunedin.

Scholefield ed. For example, the Manawatu round Palmerson North see D. Arnold, New Zealand's Burning , pp. Oliver and B. Williams eds. Sinclair , Willliam Pember Reeves Oxford, Dunedin, , pp. Sinclair , A History of New Zealand Harmondsworth, since its publication, the most influential single-volume history. Munz , The Feel of Truth Wellington, , pp. Stenhouse and B. The classic account in fiction is J. Mulgan, Man Alone For the persistence of this outlook up to , see C.

Burdon , King Dick London and Wellington, , p.

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New Zealand Parliamentary Debates , vol. V, The Dominions and India since Westport, , pp. Though some MPs resisted the idea of a military contribution to the Boer War. See New Zealand Parliamentary Debates , vol. For important statements of this, see P. Buckner and C. Jones and B. See B. Akenson ed. Indian exports were worth Rupees million and Rs 2, million II , pp. Railway mileage in India: 20 , 4, , 15, , 23, See I.

Kerr, Building the Railways of the Raj — Delhi, , pp. Bickers and C. Henriot eds. Tomlinson, The Political Economy of the Raj — , p. Lord Curzon , Speeches in India Calcutta, , vol. Greaves, Persia and the Defence of India — , p. Consulates paid for by the Indian government were set up at Mohammerah , Kerman , Seistan , Shiraz , Bandar Abbas and the Makran Lord George Hamilton to Elgin, 12 August The number of letters and postcards exchanged between Britain and India, reported the Islington Commission, rose from 8.

Fuller , The Empire of India , p. Fuller's figure is For this evolution, see E. Chesney had been Secretary in the military department of the Indian government, and a member of the Viceroy's Council. He was MP for Oxford —5. Hunter to A. Watt, 10 June Speech in House of Common, 8 August.

Madden and D. Fieldhouse eds. V Westport, CT, , p. Risley, The People of India [] 2nd edn, , p. Bengal District Administration Report , cited in J. Broomfield , Mostly about Bengal New Delhi, , p. Palit ed. Palit , Speeches Calcutta, , vol. Jeejeebhoy ed. Tilak Madras, , p. Cashman , The Myth of the Lokmanya Berkeley, , pp. Cashman, The Lokmanya , pp. I have adopted this term from Irish history. Curtis, A History of Ireland , ch. Low ed. See Macdonnell to Elgin, 16 July , Bodl. Mss Eng. Gopal , British Policy in India — Cambridge, , p. Thomas R. Metcalf , Ideologies of the Raj Cambridge, , pp.

For a summary, see Report of Calcutta University Commission , vol. Risley to Curzon, 7 February , D. Curzon to Secretary of State for India, 17 February Banerjee, Aspects , p. Madden and J. Darwin eds. Chatterjee and G. Pandey eds. VII , pp. Even Banerjea urged social boycott to coerce backsliders.

Curzon to Selborne, 21 May Morley , Recollections vol. Arthur Hirtzel's diary. Wolpert , Morley and India — Berkeley, , p. Nanda , Gokhale Delhi, , p. Writings and Speeches , pp. Motilal Nehru to Jawaharlal Nehru, 17 May Kumar and D. Panigrahi eds. For the electoral system, see Banerjee, Aspects , p. For Congress and the elections of —13, see Broomfield, Mostly about Bengal , pp. For the Press Act, see N. Barrier , Banned! Columbia, MO, For a sceptical view of its value, See R. VI, pp. For Meston's views, see Report , vol. X, pp. President's speech, Bankipore, Congress Presidential Addresses , Second series Madras, , p.

Speeches of Lord Hardinge of Penshurst — Madras, n. Selected Works , vol. Broomfield, Mostly about Bengal , p. Pouchepadass , Champaran and Gandhi New Delhi, , ch. For a general account, see P. Beck Ohio, An outstanding recent study is N.

Journalism, politics and service in Egypt

The most brilliant introduction to South African history remains C. Hamilton ed. Laband , Rope of Sand Johannesburg, , pp. Etherington, The Great Treks Elphick and H. Giliomee eds. Sir P. Maitland to Lord Stanley, 1 August , G. Theal ed. Cape Town, , vol. Minute by Earl Grey, June , K. Bell and W. Morrell eds. For the conflict between the British and the Xhosa, see J. Marks and A. Atmore eds.

The Transvaal was barely a state before see J. Uys , In the Era of Shepstone Lovedale, , p. For the absorption of the Xhosa lands into Cape Colony, see C. Saunders and R. Derricourt, Beyond the Cape Frontier Davenport, The Afrikaner Bond — As the author of enterprises that look far beyond the Cape and the Transvaal and reach to the Zambesi, and beyond the Zambesi, he must know he is much too shrewd not to know that without Imperial backing he is lost.

Duminy and W. Guest eds. For a recent scholarly collection on the Raid, see the contributions of G. Selborne's memo, 26 March , enclosed in Selborne to Salisbury, 30 March Boyce ed. Conyngham Greene to Selborne, 18 June , Boyce ed. Chamberlain to Milner, 5 July , C. Headlam ed. Lewsen ed. Merriman, — Van Riebeek Society, , p. Rhodes to Milner n. Michell, The Life of Cecil Rhodes , vol. II, p. Wright ed. Originally a telegram, Milner to Chamberlain, 4 May See Headlam, Milner Papers — , pp.

Cuthbertson , A. Grundlingh and M. Suttie eds. Hancock and J. Van Der Poel eds. Hofmeyr, 22 August , Ibid. For this critical stage, see Smith, Origins , pp. See The Times , 28 August Marks and S. For a deft portrait of Uitlander society and its divisions, see D. The passage is in a letter from Adlam's father to his mother dated 13 June Mackarness to J. Merriman, 10 March , in P. Merriman Van Riebeek Society, , pp. Fitzpatrick to J. Wernher, 24 April , Duminy and Guest eds. Memo by J. Smuts, 4 September , Smuts Papers , vol. Graham, 26 July , Smuts Papers Cambridge, , vol. For a notorious case, see W.

For Milner's reports on atrocities, see Headlam ed. See also Cd. Chamberlain, 7 March The negotiations were published as Cd. For a recent assessment, see L. The detailed drafting of the terms is described in Headlam ed. The crucial concession on the franchise had been made at Middelburg. Fraser and A. Kenny ed. Milner to J. Chamberlain, 6 February , Headlam, Milner Papers — , p. Headlam, Milner Papers — , p. In fact, the census showed that Dutch Reformed Church communicants a good proxy for Afrikaners formed over 54 per cent of the white population.

Crewe was the leading loyalist politician in the Eastern Cape. Walton like Crewe a newspaper proprietor was the leading political figure of Port Elizabeth. Lyttelton was Colonial Secretary succeeding Chamberlain. For the labour question, see D. Thompson, Unification , remains the authoritative account of white politics after Fraser and Jeeves eds. See, for example, Smuts to J. Pretyman, 13 January Mss Selborne 6: same to same, 22 August ; Fraser and Jeeves eds.

Amery, 29 June For Fitzpatrick's initial opposition, see Fraser and Jeeves eds. PP Cd. There were also the Guards regiments. Wood , 29 October Monger, The End of Isolation , p. Mackay , Fisher of Kilverstone Oxford, Boyce, Crisis , p. For a brilliant contemporary expression, see A. Colquhoun, Germany and Sea Power Tracy ed. For a recent interpretation along these lines, see B. Hayes , Bismarck and Mitteleuropa Toronto, For Russian expansion in Asia, see D. For a brilliant study, see A.

Russian attempts to prevent the Austrian annexation of Bosnia ended in diplomatic humiliation. This was in February Gooch and H. Temperley eds. III, pp. Marder , From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow: vol. I, The Road to War —14 Oxford, , p. Lumby ed. See Lumby, Mediterranean , pp. Gooch and Temperley, British Documents , vol.

Gillard ed. Smart Tabriz to Townley, 18 November Production of crude steel, in metric tonnes : Britain: 6,,; Germany: 13,,; United States: 26,, Mitchell, International Historical Statistics: Europe — 3rd edn, , p. Matthews , C. Chisholm, Handbook of Commercial Geography 7th edn, , pp. Schlote , British Overseas Trade from to the s Eng. Sommariva and G. Tullio, German Macroeconomic History — , p. Of France's total in , 56 per cent was in Europe, 16 per cent in the Americas and 12 per cent in the Near East. See Rondo E.

Cassis and J. Van Helten eds. As in the case of the Bagdadbahn. Gall, G. Feldman, H. James, et al. For an account of this mechanism, see J. Condliffe, The Commerce of Nations , p. Acena , J. Reis and A. Acena and J. Reis eds. White mineworkers 18,; 29, Jeeves eds. Yudelman, Emergence , p. The Afrikaner proportion of the white workforce rose from See Yudelman, Emergence , p. Butlin , Australian Economic Development — Cambridge, , p. Shann , Economic History of Australia Cambridge, , p. Condliffe, New Zealand in the Making , pp. For the gold exchange standard and its effects, see A.

Tomlinson, The Political Economy of the Raj — , pp. Hyde, Far Eastern Trade — , pp. Hopkins, Economic History of West Africa , ch. Ofanagoro, Trade and Imperialism in Southern Nigeria — Despite the 60 per cent increase in government spending between and , Lloyd George achieved consistent surpluses in — Murray , The People's Budget Oxford, , pp.

See H. For the decline of radical opposition to naval spending, see A. Morris, Radicals Against War — , p. The programme as adopted on 24 May is in the C. Crewe Papers, also in the Cory Library. For an excellent description, see Akintola Wyse , H. Bankole-Bright Cambridge, VIII, p.

For the views of a leading protagonist, see J. For a recent survey, see S. Doyle , Crisis and Decline in Bunyoro Oxford, , ch. Harlow and E. Chilvers eds. Mungeam ed. Hourani , Islam in European Thought Cambridge, Hely-Hutchinson, 30 January Clarke to Donoughmore, 27 November ; Bew, Conflict , p.

Garvin , Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland — Oxford, , p. Jalland , The Liberals and Ireland Brighton, , p. French, British Economic and Strategic Planning — , p. For the best recent study, see A. Millman, Pessimism and British War Policy, — , pp. The best recent study is D.

Burton J. Grey to Cambon, 16 May , conveniently reprinted in W. Laqueur ed. Verrier ed. For British anxieties, see W. Johnson ed. XVI, Activities , p. By April , the United States was an international creditor. Both in prices. Kirkcaldy ed. Mathias and J. Davis eds. Strachan , The First World War , vol. The argument advanced by Ramsay MacDonald. Marquand, Ramsay MacDonald , p.

Gollin, Proconsul in Politics , for the best discussion of this group. For a contemporary study of pre-war conditions, see J. Orr, Report on Agriculture in Berkshire Wrigley , Arthur Henderson Cardiff, , p. By comparison, 27 per cent of British adult males served overseas, 50 per cent were casualties, and over , were killed. Documents on Canadian External Relations , vol.

I, — Ottawa, , pp. National Archives of Canada, J. Dafoe, 8 November Berger ed. Skelton, W.

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